What are the fertility options for a woman without a uterus

Strictly from a medical perspective, if your ovaries are functioning and your egg supply is intact, this is possible.

I suggest asking your gynecologist for a referral to a reputable fertility specialist or clinic. Then make an appointment for both you and your fiancĐše to go in for a consultation. You need to learn about everything that would be involved before you each decide whether this is something you want to pursue.

Here are a few of the considerations:

How are the eggs harvested and what are the risks of the procedure?

Would you have to take any fertility drugs beforehand and if so, what are the risks?

What are the chances of success?

How is a surrogate mother found?

What happens if there are problems during her pregnancy?

What are the legal issues involved?

What kinds of psychological and emotional issues arise in these situations?
How much will it cost?

What is the clinics rate of live births?

What are other options for having a family, such as adoption? As the mother of an adopted daughter, I encourage you to pursue this route.

I think you are wise to consider all this prior to marriage. I strongly encourage you to seek pre-marital counseling, as a couple and maybe individually. You are facing some major questions that center on core beliefs and values. Just because something is medically possible, does not mean it is the right choice for you.

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